Key Of Success : You Need a Plan or You have a Plan


There is a lot of difference in both of. But there is always a way that is chosen by you and makes you Success-full

You Need a Plan :

Got a Plan If you’re reading this blog, visiting this website, you are one of millions of highly-talented, highly-motivated people asking the same question: what’s next?

Accordingly, I propose a new definition of “dream” job – one that fits our current predicament most accurately.

From here on out, a “dream” job is any job that helps us to better define and clarify what our “dream” really is; any job that moves us closer to answering “what’s next?” for the last time.

Regardless of whether you are looking for your first job, or your fifth, here’s a simple, 4-step plan to get you moving in the right direction.

Step 1: Play Favorites

Create three lists to help you screen potential job opportunities.

Play favorites :

Your Favorite Places :

All things being equal, a job in a place you love, is better than that same job in a place you don’t. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, project managers…they need them every where. Where would you live – if you could live anywhere in the world? Our dream job search starts there.
Your Passions :

Passion matters when it comes to dream-jobbing, but not as you might think. Our passions give us insight into our desires – what we like and don’t like. Our passion precedes our purpose.

In our search for a dream job, we are looking for companies or opportunities that makes the pursuit of our passion POSSIBLE. For example, for someone who loves the outdoors might consider Patagonia, Merrill or North Face as potential dream job destinations – for the work they do to help others enjoy the outdoors. Alternatively, if you love organic living, shopping at the farmer’s market, etc – you might consider Stoneybrook Farms, LUSH Cosmetic or the US Dept of Agriculture, among other organizations who make it possible for organic products to exist.

(Note: Here’s my new definition of a “great-company-to-work-for”: One that enables my passions; one that makes my life better as a direct result of their service or product.)

Your preferred work-life :

Do you want to go to work in a suit or shorts? A structured, 9-5 day or an unstructured one? Dogs? Bicycles? What does your “dream” workday look and feel like? What environments do you tend to work best in? Are you a “people-person” – or do you tend to thrive working on projects independently? All these are questions that are specific to you – and can help inform the kind of company – and, more specifically, role – that will best qualify as “dream.”

Step 2 : Now, Find the Overlap

Once you’ve developed your lists, the magic happens in finding the overlap (think Venn Diagram). This too, is a 3-step process:

Align Passions / Places to identify “Dream” Companies :

Companies for whom you would like to work in cities in which would like to live.
Align Passions / Work-Life to identify “Dream” Roles: Jobs that offer a chance to do what interests you, in a way you will enjoy.
Align “Dream” Roles / “Dream” Companies to generate your list “Dream” Job Opportunities: Voila! Every job on this list could be considered a “dream”…all that’s left is getting it.

Step 3 : Find a “Dream-Maker”

dream maker Never before has it been so easy to find people you know who know the “dream-makers” you need – i.e. the people that can hire you into a “dream” job. Using many of the smart techniques you can learn here on Career Attraction, engage contacts who work for you dream companies; or have “pick-up-the-phone-and-call” contacts who do.

Step 4 : Close

you've got the job Once you connect with a “dream-maker,” now comes the easy part (seriously) The work you’ve done to get to this point shows two things:

1. You’re smart. In getting this far, you’ve demonstrated your ability to execute a thoughtful, practical and effective strategy to get a great job; any future boss will appreciate that and

2. You are a great fit for the Job.

Your “closing” pitch might be along these lines:

“I am applying for this position because [this company] has made my life better through it’s work. I want to work with you, going forward, to create the impact in the lives of others, that you have made on mine.”

Assuming you have the aptitude (which you know you do), this is an offer they can’t refuse.

So, what are your “dream jobs?” Share your list! Who knows, your “dream-maker” may be reading too…


Best of Luck!

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